Foot Care


Uncontrolled diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels resulting in loss of sensation in the feet. When you cannot feel, you will not be able to detect heat and cold that can damage the skin. You would also not feel an itch or other warning signals when there is an infection.

Undetected, the small problem can grow into a festering wound or gangrene, requiring amputation. The resulting disfigurement of your feet can adversely affect your posture and impose additional pressure that can start a downward spiral.

It is very important to enroll in our foot care program if you have “high risk foot” or foot at risk for complications due to diabetes. The services of the foot clinic (Podiatry unit) include comprehensive foot examination, education of the patient in the practical aspects of foot care, early recognition of foot complications, preventive care and counseling. The Podiatry unit has state-of-art Foot Laboratory that can perform Monofilament Test, Biothesiometry (VPT Test), Doppler Studies, Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) studies and Foot Scan. We also have in-house facility for manufacturing customized in-soles.

We also have special services for foot wound-care, closely monitored and supervised by the Podiatrist and Endocrinologists. We also provide newer therapeutic modalities for longstanding non-healing wounds, peripheral arterial disease and venous edema.