Agada Secure - The diabetes care environment


Hormonal changes in a pregnant women can sometimes reduce the effect of Insulin, leading to increased sugar levels in blood. This condition is called Gestational diabetes mellitus and is being increasingly seen among pregnant women. Persistent high blood sugar levels, even slightly higher than the conventionally accepted normal levels, is detrimental to the baby’s development within uterus and also leads to complications to the mother during pregnancy and labor.

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Programme benefits pregnant women who have been diagnosed to have diabetes and those at high risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy. After a thorough clinical examination, evaluation is done to assess severity of diabetes and to check for associated complications. A comprehensive treatment including advice on diet, physical activity and medications is provided and the progress tracked through monthly follow-up.

Agada offers a comprehensive weight management programme for those with diabetes. This scientifically designed weight-management programme focuses on long-term lifestyle changes, not just short-term crash course diets. At Agada, the obesity management programme is comprehensive, where causes for obesity are assessed and investigated by experts before a treatment regime is prescribed. This is a 3-month programme for those with mild obesity and extends to 6 months for cases of severe obesity.

The programme includes:

  • Eye care program
  • Foot care program
  • Protect heart program
  • Protect kidney program