Corporate Programmes


Pre-employment Checkup

A complete health check-up for your future employees to identify specific health risks, in addition to diagnosing hidden diseases.

Preventive Health Checkup

A comprehensive health checkup for your employees using our health risk scoring (health assessment - sickness assessment - psychological assessment) system to predict future health problems even before they manifest, enabling personalized and timely management.

Annual Engagement Health Programmes

Customized and specific follow-up programmes to treat persons found to have a disorder or to prevent future disease in those detected to be at-risk

On site Screening and Health coaching Programmes

Educational sessions by our eminent faculty members on diverse topics to promote health awareness, healthy lifestyle and eventually create wellbeing and fitness among your employees, for better performance.

Executive Health Checkups - Unique features


Unique Lab & Imaging Studies

Other than routine tests our assessment will include proprietary lab tests and latest imaging technology which can predict risk for diseases at-least 10 years earlier so that corrective measures can be employed much earlier.

Health & Risk Assessment & Prescription

Using Standardized risk scoring based on clinical parameters, the risk for lifestyle diseases would be detected. Based on your risk score, you would be given an individualized prescription pertaining to risk with relevant recommendations.

Diet Assessment & Prescription A qualified Dietitian would assess your dietary history and provide a practical, easy-to-follow meal plan based on universal healthy eating guidelines

Health Education

A unique education programme that will educate, motivate and empower you to take ownership of your health and wellbeing. The program will include assessment of physical activity levels, stress levels and behavioural health. The education will address basic tools issues in lifestyle management while focusing on specific individual’s concern (eating behaviours, barriers to exercise, smoking habits, stress management etc).

Consultation with Specialist

Once you are identified to have a specific risk factor for disease, you would benefit from consultation with a highly qualified, Joslin trained Physician. Based on the need, Nephrologist, Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Diabetologist and other specialist consultations are available.

Outcomes Reporting

Our Executive Summary Reports deliver key business insights based on analysis of data reflecting health behaviors, disease statistics, and risk prevalence within your employee population.