Foot Care Lab


The Foot care clinic includes Endocrinologist / Diabetologist, Podiatrist, Podiatric Technicians, Staff nurse and Orthotists. The services of the clinic include comprehensive foot examination, education of the patient on practical aspects of foot care, early recognition of foot complications, preventive care and special advice on selection of footwear. 

The Podiatry unit has a state-of-art Foot Laboratory to administer tests such as the Monofilament Test, Biothesiometry (VPT Test), Doppler Studies, Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) studies and Foot Scan. We also have an in-house facility for manufacturing customized in-soles. 

The podiatrist ad endocrinologist in our hospitals are responsiblefor wound-care. We also provide newer therapeutic modalities for longstanding non-healing wounds, peripheral arterial disease and venous oedema.