Consultants :

  • Dr.S.Gurumurthy
  • Dr.Senthil kumar M,S,MRCS,DNB,M.Ch,DNB

We at Agada have a specialized oncology department where we not only provide radical cure for a variety of cancers but also screen for cancers and advice regarding prevention and treatment.

Cancer Screening

ESOPHAGEAL and GASTRIC (STOMACH) cancers. Screening is done using the latest generation endoscope where we are able to pick up cancers at a early stage and able to cure them completely. Detection of acid reflux induced esophagitis is done to look for any early changes leading to cancer. (Screening for Baretts esophagus .)

COLON and RECTAL cancers

Screening done using a Colonoscope to look for polyps (growths that lead to cancers ) and other precancerous conditions.

Breast Cancer

Screening done with a digital mammogram in correlation with ultrasound examination and examination by a experienced clinician.

Screening for cervical cancer using pap smear is done. This along with examination by an experienced clinician helps in detecting cervical cancer.

Cancer surgery

Radical cures for a wide range of all gastrointestinal malignancies such as esophagus, stomach and colon and rectum is carried out. Not only is the underlying cancer removed but also the affected lymph nodes are removed along with the lesion to give a good cure and give long term survival.

Cancer of the breast

Depending on the site of the lesion and size the surgery is carried out. Radical removal of the breast is done along with the affected lymph nodes. For very large tumors first chemotherapy is administered and then surgery is done.

Thyroid cancer

All cancers of the thyroid are dealt with effectively giving long term survival.