Summers can be physically daunting with the daily temperature vying with each other for setting the record for the hottest day of the summer. The term "An Indian Summer" has taken a new meaning with the humidity levels often touching 70% - 80% of the normal levels. Naturally, you tend to get dehydrated often, and it takes a toll on your body. We look for various ways to cool ourselves, and as expected we look towards the food we eat to retain the water levels and to keep us sane and healthy. Let us take a look at some of the foods that help us keep our cool this summer.

  • Coconut Water:– Coconut is loaded health benefits and has excellent cooling properties. It is simply enriched with electrolytes and essential minerals that help a great deal in keeping your body fresh. Look no further for keeping your body from getting dehydrated. You can always bank on a coconut..
  • Watermelon: - Another fruit that can send your taste buds on a roll - the watermelon can undoubtedly be the finest fruit for keeping your hydrated. It is loaded with antioxidants and can be had as a refreshing supplement to maintain your body temperature and keep you cool.
  • Cucumber: Eating a slice of cucumber garnished with salt, and chili powder would have been easily considered as every child's dream in summer. This cool vegetable is loaded with fibers and is even beneficial for your overall health. Just go for cucumber this summer to beat the heat..
  • Curd: – What is more needed than a chilled glass of curd or buttermilk garnished with curry leaves to get around the heat this summer? Loaded with electrolytes and minerals, they are an effective way to keep your body hydrated at all times. Also, curd can be had in many formats - Lassi, sweetened yogurt to name a few.
  • Melons: – Did you know that about 90% of the melon is loaded with water? They are one of the fruits that are easy to digest and can bring down your body temperature. So go ahead and eat lots of melon to stay hydrated this summer. Apart from this, you can have cool mint flavored lemon juices to beat the heat. Not to forget a sinful ice cream occasionally. You can always top an ice cream with fresh fruits and cereals. Contrary to popular belief you can even have piping hot tea to reduce the humid levels of your body as tea is one of the greatest regulators of the body temperature..